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History: Databases

Why Databases?

Please Note: When conducting academic research, it is important to use databases such as those listed below when looking for online resources. There is a vast amount of information available on the internet, and not all of it is true. Unlike when using generic search engines such as Google, using an academic database will help ensure that the sources you are using are peer-reviewed for accuracy.

Regardless of where you find your material, you should still take the time to evaluate each resource you use for:

-Relevancy (does this relate to your topic?)

-Accuracy (does this author cite their sources and support their findings with evidence? is this material peer-reviewed?)

-Timeliness (is this article recently published or outdated?)

-Point of View (who am I hearing from? whose voice is missing?)

-Bias (does the author have a specific point of view or ulterior motive that might influence the information provided?)


EbscoHOST Video Guide

This video guide shows general information on how to do an advanced search and can be easily applied to all EBSCOhost databases, including Academic Search Complete and HeinOnline. Check out the APA Youtube page for more helpful video guides!