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St. Augustine College Tutoring Center

The Mission of St. Augustine College Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center at St. Augustine College strives to provide individualized instructional support in the areas of math, analytic reading, study methods, and the understanding of course-related content, the development of written assignments in multiple areas of study, and the editing of writing at each of its five locations within the Chicago area.

During COVID-19 our tutoring platform has been primarily on-line; however, if you have in-person tutoring needs please add that to your request and we will work with you to meet your needs.  Please know that the Tutoring Center is here to support students as they navigate their way through online learning and beyond. Below is a general guide to the SAC Tutoring Center process as well as a variety of resources to help assist students in their academic studies. You can access a copy of the current Tutoring Center Newsletter by clicking the link below.

Questions, Comments, Concerns:

Please direct all inquiries to the Tutoring Center Director:

Meet Our Tutors

The Tutoring Center is home to some of the most professional and outstanding tutors. Please, take a moment to view the tutor's profiles. 

Pablo Ramos: Pablo has a BA in Hospitality Management. Pablo provides Math tutoring in MAT 101, 112, 200 and 225.

Sonia Chahin. Sonia has a master’s degree in Mathematics Education and tutors students in MAT 101 and 112 in Spanish. 

Monica Andrade: Monica has a BA in Mathematics Education and is one of our Math tutors.

Michele Corona Ehlers: Michel has an MA in Administration and provides CIS tutoring to students.

Orlando Hernadez: Orlando has an MS in Information Systems and is one of our CIS tutors. 

Gustavo Loza. Gustavo has a BS CIS and tutors in computer science courses.

July Miranda: July has an MA in Education and Special Education and is a  Bilingual English tutor dealing with research and English writing. 

Dennette Derezotes: Dennette has a BS in Psychology, an MA in History, MSW and PhD coursework in Social Work. Dennette provides tutoring in English, Gen Ed courses, Psychology and Social work. 


Tutoring Requests

Individual Tutoring Requests can be made by students, faculty, and advisors. 

Group Tutoring Requests can be made by faculty or students if they feel that there is a tutoring need for two or more students in a specific course.

Once the requests are submitted, the students will be contacted for further appointments and the tutoring process. Students must be sure to provide the necessary assignment documents, that they are working on, in order for tutors to fully assist.

Open Tutoring Hours

Students who do not wish to fill out an individual tutoring request, and want to jump into an open tutoring hour session, can view the tutor's availability below and simply click on the desired session. Open tutoring hours are ongoing and are group-oriented. Students who need more assistance can fill out a tutoring form and request additional sessions if needed. 

Students must provide necessary documents on assignments, that they are working on, for tutors to be able to fully assist. 


St. Augustine College Math Tutoring    Fall 1

Math Tutoring in English
is available as follows:

Tutor: Pablo Ramos Monori 

Zoom Link:
Meeting ID:   960 7228 3916


MAT 101/112 
English – Zoom
Days: Monday and Wednesday 6pm-9pm  


MAT 200
English - Zoom
Days: Thursday 2pm -6pm 


MAT 225
English - Zoom
Days: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 2pm -6pm


Math Tutoring in Spanish
is available as follows:


Tutor: Sonia Chahin


Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 290 306 9190

Tuesday:               6:00 pm - 8:30pm

Thursday:             6:00pm -10:00pm
Friday:                   6:00pm -10:00pm
Saturday:             11:00am -3:30pm


Student Feedback

We ask that by the end of each school term or upon tutor completion, each student would take the time to submit feedback on their tutoring experience. Student Feedback forms are confidential and students can fill them out anonymously.